We act as your IT department to assist with monthly, weekly and even daily computer updates and backups. We can troubleshoot computer crashes and slow systems. We can increase the security of your network in a world of spam, malware and viruses. And best of all we can customize these solutions to your specific industry and budget.  Let us manage your computer systems so you can stop worrying about your technology and focus on building your business. We are driven by a desire to provide customer service that puts you first and keeps your business technology running as flawlessly as possible.

Below is a list of the wide range of products offered by Whidbey Tech Solutions that can help your business thrive. 

​​​​Protecting your Computers against Viruses, Malware and Spam

Protecting your devices and programs against viruses, malware and spam is crucial. We use business-grade firewall and antivirus software that will protect your computers and prevent crashes, meaning you won’t ever lose precious time due to internet failure.

WiFi Management
Let us help protect you from all of your internet users by implementing a safe and protected private and public wi-fi.

Backing up your Data and Keeping it Safe
There are countless ways to back up precious computer files, images and documents. We can analyze and select the best option for your specific needs. These backup systems, which can be automated for your convenience outside of business hours, can then be continuously monitored to ensure the safety of your files. 

Helping you Buy the Right Devices
Need a new computer, program or network device? Our knowledgeable staff can help you decide on the best options to fit your specific needs. Let us help you find the right technology at the right price.

Windows Updates
Have you ever been stopped in the middle of your work for a Microsoft update? Not anymore! We can run those updates remotely on all of your computers outside of your business hours so you can focus on your business and not your technology.

Monitoring the Health of your PC
Is your computer running slowly? We can run special programs and system cleaners that optimize your technology’s performance and help keep it healthy. These programs also help us prevent or minimize future system failures.

Anti-Virus Updates & Monitoring
We use a business grade anti-virus program called Webroot SecureAnywhere to best serve your business. Updates and scans occur outside of your business hours.

Maintaining your Servers
Your server is crucial to your business as the hub of all your valuable information. Let us monitor your server proactively to avoid any hardware failures that interrupt your daily operations.

Helping with Programs and Applications
Stop letting update requests slow down your daily operations. We can update over 80 applications outside of your business hours so you are never interrupted while you’re working.

Reviewing your Technology
In the ever -changing environment of technology, it’s crucial that you work with the best devices and systems. We can create a plan that outlines the life of each of your computers to best plan when to replace and/or update technology in a way that won’t hurt your wallet or interrupt your work.

Start Working on your Business Instead of your Technology!

Choose the Service That Fits Your Needs

One Time Service

If you are experiencing a computer crash or have a technology question, we can come directly to your business and fix the issue or consult on solutions.

​Periodic Onsite Service
If you need periodic ongoing assistance, you can simply call us when you have a problem you would like us to resolve. This is a cost effective option for new or growing businesses because you are only paying for the selected tasks you want, when you want them.

​Ongoing Service Agreement
The best bang for your buck is the ongoing service agreement, which enables us to proactively monitor backups, anti-virus software, operating system updates and servers, and provides you with a few hours each month for the business support of your choice. Plans are catered to your needs and budget, and are affordable at a low monthly rate. Routine maintenance, which is completed outside of your business hours, ensures a minimal amount of downtime for your systems. We also work with your industry-specific software vendors to better meet your specific needs.